the INNER Beauty Pageant

Jul 09

Want to participate?

Make a two-minute video that shows how you are inner-beautiful, upload it to youtube, and send the youtube link to  Videos will be posted on this tumblr in the order that they are processed.  Contestants will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please be sure to include your preferred contestant name and the talent that you wish to perform.  Also, please know that one portion of the pageant will be a homemade swimsuit competition.  This can be homemade from anything.  Anything at all.

Thanks for your interest!  Please email with any questions you might have.

Jul 09

quote Sunday, May 12 at 8pm
at Littlefield
622 DeGraw Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Jul 09

What is the Inner Beauty Pageant?

The Inner Beauty Pageant is a showcase of New York’s finest warm-hearted oddballs competing against each other for the title of Most Inner-Beautiful. Contestants, solicited through Craigslist, flyers, and word of mouth, compete for the title of Most Inner Beautiful with a talent portion, interviews about their feelings on world peace, and a homemade swimsuit competition. The winner of the evening is determined through audience silent ballots, so nobody’s feelings get hurt too badly.